Artemis' Bots

Welcome to Artemis' Bots!!!

What is this place?

Hi! I'm Artemis#8799, and I make Discord bots. Here, you can order bots.

How much?

Rates are very variable, anywhere from $10 for a bot. There are two seperate services associated with bot making:

  1. Building a bot: this is what takes the time.
  2. Hosting a bot: this is what takes the money. A bot needs to be hosted 24/7 to remain online.

If you have a hosting solution yourself, I will be happy to build you a bot and simply provide you with the source code. Likewise, if you have a bot already built, I will be happy to host it for you. Please contact me to discuss pricing.

What bots do you make?

I'll make just about any bot, from the tiniest utility to a server-running giant.

How can I pay you?

Via PayPal, I will send you an invoice once the bot is complete.